Form CRS


A Summary of your Advisory Relationship with Vantage Investment Partners, LLC

Vantage Investment Partners, LLC, is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as an Investment Adviser. Brokerage and Investment Advisory fees differ, and it is essential for you to understand these differences.

Form CRS

The SEC has adopted Form CRS, and its related rules, requiring Vantage to deliver to retail investors a brief client relationship summary that provides information about our Firm. Form CRS includes questions to help you begin a discussion with our Firm about the client relationship, including our services, fees, costs, conflicts, and disciplinary information. The Firm is required to file Form CRS with the SEC.

ADV Part 2A

A narrative brochure (the “Brochure”) that addresses eighteen disclosure items about the Firm’s business strategies and conflicts of interest. Investment advisers are required to deliver annually to clients a summary of material changes to the brochure along with either a revised brochure or an offer to deliver a copy of the revised brochure.

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